On July 19, Gallery 33 hosted the launching of Thunder Bay District’s True Murder Investigations 1885 – 2016. It started with two young men that were with the local media. Both of them university students, I was really impressed with their professionalism. They were only 19-years-old, and they both possessed this maturity and confidence that was really intriguing. Turns out they are both attending universities outside the city, one is studying journalism and the other computer science. The more more I learned about their ambitions, the more convince I was that they are destined for great things.

My Aunt Pat and Uncle Ray dropped by, their support meant a lot to me. My cousin Ken and his beautiful wife Sheri and their son Dilan also came to the launch. They too were very supportive, so much so that they are selling the book at their Can-op on Oliver Road.

While the book launch was going on Kristen Wall, Gallery 33 owner was running an art class. Their task was to sketch a pear that she had on display. Some of the classmates seemed to think they weren’t doing a good job. I came over a few times to see how the students were doing, and I think that they were being too hard on themselves. They all drew very well.

Lorraine Cull and Angela Jensen better known as the Painted Turtle Ladies were also there. Lucky for me, they let me take a picture of them.

Kristen Wall

The Painted Turtle Ladies

Sheri, Dilan and Ken Casey

Here’s the art class.