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NEW! – True Encounters of the Mystifying Kind in Northern Ontario

– 2019 –


This book is a collection of true tales about people’s encounters with ghosts, entities from other worlds and UFOs. Also contained within these mind-altering pages are stories about individuals that possess powerful paranormal abilities. They include hereditary witches, commanding clairvoyants, and a self-taught necromancer.

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Thunder Bay District’s True Murder Investigations 1885 – 2016 – 

The first of its kind, this book offers readers a rare glimpse into the darker side of country life. A Jesse James inspired shooting spree, mysterious murder-suicides, outlaws on the run, and a fatal fight over bacon, are just some of the true stories that have taken place in the outlying parts of the Thunder Bay District.



*Shortlisted for the Louise de Kiriline Lawrence Award.

Price: $30 CAD (includes shipping & taxes)

The city of Thunder Bay has received a lot of negative attention lately, due to its high number of homicides. Even more troubling is the fact that this isn’t an isolated incident. There have been many years throughout Thunder Bay’s troubled history, where there’s been an excessive amount of senseless deaths at the hands of murderous people. This book, the first of its kind, looks into the investigations that resulted in murder, manslaughter and infanticide charges from 1882 to 2017, in the area now known as Thunder Bay City.



Price: $30 CAD (includes shipping & taxes)

Surrendering the Sunder

Surrendering the Sunder A frustrated freelance writer, Jeff’s life is fast becoming the thrilling fiction he cannot bring himself to create. Caught between a rebellious father accused of child abduction and a beautiful woman that will not fully commit herself to him, Jeff’s life becomes even more challenging when he assists a former prostitute with her colorful memoir. And it is not until he encounters a tenacious Deathwalker, that his fragmented life takes on a unified purpose, which will permanently interweave his destiny with those, closest to him.



Price: $30 CAD (includes shipping & taxes)

Remembrance of Truth

Remembrance of Truth Born and raised in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Kim Casey takes readers on an unforgettable journey through her life. Beginning with her parents, she compassionately describes their tragic upbringings and how they came to meet. Instability the norm throughout her own youth and adolescence, Kim fears she will become mentally ill like her mother. After a failed marriage, she comes to understand the insecurities, panic attacks and emotional turmoil that had plagued her throughout her life were not incurable afflictions inherited from her mother. But rather a byproduct of all the physical, spiritual, emotional and sexual abuses she endured. A graduate of Confederation College and Lakehead University, Kim attained a diploma and degree in social work.


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Breaking the Beyond

Breaking the Beyond A compassionate social worker employed at the Bivouac Bay General Hospital, Risa Charly is assigned to work with a young man on the psychiatric unit. Not sure if Owen McMackle’s extreme changes of character are due to his possessing more than one personality, Risa’s confusion deepens when an entity by the name of Henry, speaks to her through Owen’s body. Claiming to be over three hundred years old and belonging to the secret society of Deathwalkers, Henry believes she is the only one who can help him right the wrongs he never should have committed. In addition to trying to cope with the demands of working under a tyrannical boss and raising a child on her own, Risa’s life becomes all the more complicated when she learns her twelve year old daughter is in great danger. Determined to do whatever she has to to keep Nikki safe, Risa’s drastic plans are taken to a shocking climax when a supernatural force intervenes.


Price : $30 CAD (includes shipping & taxes)

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